The Hall Way

The Hall Way

Not wanting to let the foam dust settle in the shaping bay we've once again been graced with another shaper out back lately, this time heralding from San Diego, Josh Hall. We think that one of the great things about Josh, is the fact that he's taking the time out to do some traveling with his good mate, and now ours, his dad, Dave.

The two of them ended up spending two weeks here over the whole Slidetober time. Josh got comfortable down the local break and even competed in the Slidetober event. Most days though you’d find him down the back in the shaping bay working late into the night. Big hours put in at the coal face meant he blasted his way through 24 bits of foam, that’s nearly two a day. All hand shaped! Everything from a lil’ 5’5” double stringer quad to his own personal rendition of a Skip Frye Eagle. At 12’2″x 23 1/2″x3 7/8″ man that thing is a whole lotta board just by itself. You can paddle and be up even before the wave knows it’s gonna break. In fact there is so much board there that it will have to have it’s own blog post. Keep you eye out for that one.

Josh is renown for his Fish so it’s not surprising to hear he’s a big fan of Skip’s. Not only do the two have factories in the same complex in So Cal but Skip shaped Josh’s first custom board. If you ask Josh, watching Skip shape that board back then it was as if the light came on and he knew what he wanted to do with his life. His dad, Dave is a carpenter, so working with his hands was something he’d been around all his life anyway.

Josh and Dave are currently tripping around down in oz having a great time and the word on the grapevine is that they had so much fun up here in Bali first time round that their coming in for take two at the Temple before going back to California.

All of the boards Josh shaped while at Deus Bali are part of what's to be known as "The Blue Collection", from the images below I'M sure you'll be able to tell why. Also being the good Deus citizens we are we'll split the lot up between our three locations in Aust, Venice and of course here in Bali. Check 'em out!