Twenty20 SR500

Taking cues from another SR masterpiece by Jeremy, this SR came in as a special order. The inspiration, the Halfy SR500. The do to list? Very long.

Originally from the Blue Mountains, this little thumper rolled into the Camperdown workshop needing a full top + bottom rebuild along with a some creative touches. The frame was completely stripped, and received the plush treatment, powder-coated Frame and swing-arm, in black of course. Rolling around the above are a set of 21' front whees with Dunlop D606 rubbers, along with a full Brembo brake system. Go Go ain't nothing with stopping power! 20/20 night-time vision ensured by the help of Twin 4.5 inch Head Lights set up on custom alloy bracket. At the business end, the engine got the full monty. Full rebuild, Bead blasted engine with Chromed side covers and an SC Project Exhaust system Stainless, and of course an FCR 39 Pumper Carby with Kn Air filter finely tuned on at the Dyno By RB Racing.

Other special bits include, raised Front and rear suspension, Twin Daytona speedo and Tacho, Renthal Fat Bar set up on Alluminum Raisers, XT500 replica Alloy Tank and a Nitro head 1 &1/2 seat retimed in Brown Stressed Leather by Bad Ass Trim Co.