Twin Customs - San & Bada

Our Seoul brothers have done it again, this time with custom under-bone Dearim CT100s. Born from Pandemic restrictions and a yearning to see friends while pursuing fresh air and clear waters, our identical twins came to life.

Hanging out in the city was no longer an option in South Korea, but local camping trips is where the freedom was palpable and luggage light. It didn’t matter where the drop pins landed between mountains and oceans, San & Bada were capable of fulfilling the journey. Strap on your kit, jump on the back and get going. 

‘San’ translate to Mountain, while ‘Bada’ means ocean – but if you’re no good at linguistics nor have bi-lingual tendencies, just remember Green = Mountain, Blue = Ocean.

Two mighty in character but small in stature builds to add to the ever-growing collection of Deus Custom builds. We sure are proud of these beauties, and can’t wait to visit Seoul and take them on a trip.


Design Specs:

  • Honda cg 125 frontend swap
  • Scrambler type handlebar
  • Scrambler type muffler
  • (takegawa Exhaust Manifold Machining)
  • Front and rear carrier
  • Aluminum side cover
  • Simplification of electrical wiring
  • ngk ignition cable
  • Batteryless kit
  • Turn signal tail light change
  • Square headlights and guards
  • Solo seat
  • front fork boots
  • Long rear shock(takegawa), extension adapter
  • carburetor position change
  • Frame machining and painting
  • front and rear 17 inch spoke wheel block pattern tire (Bada)
  • front 18 inch and rear 17 inch spoke wheel block pattern tire (San)
  • engine block painting

Builder: Crazy Garage (IG: @crazy_garage_)
Photos: Motorbike Magazine Korea (IG: @motorbikezine)



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