On May 7th 2022, Berlin hosted its first ever Werksteam Rallye.
27 teams took part in the event and they all had a lot of fun, even though there have been some pain and sweat along the way.
The Deus Temple of Eternal Effervescence teamed up with Craftwerk Berlin to plan and host a trip through Berlin and Brandenburg, packed with funny stops and nasty tasks.

The route was about 180km long - but every team had a different number on their speedometer at the end, since they had to find the route only by going through the description in the roadbook.

From finding hidden attractions to answering questions about different spots along their way, the participants had to play darts, drive a parcour backwards, collect as much trash in the woods as possible or fill up their tank for 0,38€.
Therefore, time was just a small part of the measurement of success during the Rallye. That way, it was more exciting and also surprising to find out who would have finally hold the trophy in their hands.

Everyone was eagerly waiting to know the positioning of the three best teams; all of which had no clue of who would be standing on the winner podium in the end - such a beautiful surprise!

In addition to the three teams with the most collected points, the last team got a small trophy, titled "sweeper“, and there was a special announcement for the most creative team of all.

Everyone got home with a ton of feelings, they were happy about the fun day they had, but especially they were all looking forward to let the engine roar even louder during the next Werksteam Rallye.

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