When all else fails, grab a cold beer and call it a day.
And what’s better than locally sourced beer freshly brewed and customized for DEUS?

Retired chef and passionate car mechanic Kurt Buob from Swiss Brewery Buob opened his brewery in the region of Aargau in Switzerland more than 10 years ago. The former garage was built and equipped with everything a brewer’s heart desires. Coming from the catering business, Kurt Buob knows exactly how important a well-crafted beer is and how essential tradition and craftsmanship are.
Every step takes care - from carefully selecting each regional ingredient, grinding the malt, fermenting, bottling and labeling to give the finishing touch.

Altogether, it takes up to 10 different steps to create a well-rounded beer. And there is a reason why Switzerland has the highest density of breweries in Europe - the Swiss like their beer - "well-tuned and customized".

For the Deus event on the 30th October, we had the master himself, Kurt Buob, visiting the Deus Store Zurich and officially introducing this new Deus beer. And what better way to enjoy that beer than with a salty pretzel and sausage.

Surrounded by custom motorcycles and Deus gear, people gathered to listen and learn more about the history and craftsmanship of beer making as well as, of course, tasting it. Accompanied by some great  tunes, the atmosphere could nothave been more refreshing!

Slightly tipsy but happy, it was definitely the perfect start into a chilled weekend. For those of you who are in the area, our Deus store in Zurich's Kreis 4 now always has freshly brewed and cold Deus beer ready to enjoy.

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