The Deus Chamois

"Put Spikes on Your Bikes" - Upon learning of the Swank Rally On Ice's return, we knew we needed to arrive in style. That's why we reached out to Yamaha, our trusted partner in all our favourite adventures, to collaborate on something truly special for the ice track.

Their response? "Nothing more to say"  and promptly dispatching two shiny XSR125s to Deus Milano headquarters for a makeover.

Crafted at Deus Workshop Milano, these custom projects are true head-turners. A unique blend of modern and classic aesthetics gives these bikes a distinct flavour. While the thicker hand-made seat and off-road tires pay homage to classic enduro lines, the tank and futuristic fairing completely redefine the bikes' identity.
The result? Machines with personalities of their own, equally at home on both road and off-road terrains, ensuring you feel special in every situation. And to top it off, the soundtrack is provided by the juicy sound of an SC-Project exhaust.

They say size doesn’t always matter – we're not entirely convinced, but when it comes to having fun with bikes, we know it rings true. We put this theory to the test on the circuit of the Swank Rally On Ice, hitting the snowy track at full speed and revelling in their effortless engines.

As we witnessed them effortlessly roll around the Circuit De Glacet of Charnmousse in the French Alps, we couldn't help but name them 'The Deus Chamois’.

Ph. @taubalex